New To BG?

Need some information about what happens around Bethel Grove on Sunday morning?  Check out our children and youth programs.  Most of our Adult Education classes will start on September 11th.  We hope you’ll visit and come back week after week so we can get to know you.



Our New Vision Statement

“To train up followers of Jesus Christ to go into the world and serve.”

For the first three Sundays in September, our Pastors will be preaching on BG’s new vision statement.  Many of BG’s small groups are working through questions provided by Pastor Ninan as well.

Welcome Students!

Are you a new student looking to get connected at BG?  We offer bus transportation from both Ithaca College and Cornell and you will find a list of on campus groups, information about international student ministry and a list of faculty and staff contacts.  Go to our campus page for the information you need.