Is Bethel Grove a place where you worship, learn, serve, and grow?
Do you consider BG your church family?
The you should consider church membership!
Download the membership form, and contact the church office or any elder to continue the conversation.

FAQs about membership

Is church membership Biblical?
The Bible teaches that all believers from every tribe, language, and nation are members of Christ’s church: the church that will gather together one day around the throne of God to worship Him (Revelation 5:9-10). For now, however, Christians gather in many locations around the globe. In the early church, the disciples found it necessary to establish a governing structure in the various local churches. They did this to provide for the care and nurture of new believers, and to protect the gospel message from being corrupted  (Titus 1). Those who joined the church committed themselves to caring for one another and helping to spread the message of Christ. This is the model of membership we have at BG.

Is membership really necessary?
Like any family, the church family has responsibilities to maintain its property, determine a budget, and plan for the future. New York State views Bethel Grove Bible Church as a corporation and it is the members, attending and participating in business meetings, who make the critical decisions. Because of this role, members have the greatest potential impact on furthering the goals and values, and the future, of the church.

Am I too new to become a member?
Have you entered into a relationship with God because of Jesus, and what he did for you in his death and resurrection? Have you committed yourself to follow him, learn about him from his word, grow closer to him through prayer, and worship him with your life? Then, even if you plan to be in Ithaca for only a few years, we invite you to contact the pastors or elders to talk about joining the church.

If I become a member, will I be expected to teach Sunday School or sing in the choir?
The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit gives gifts to every believer for the good of all (I Peter 4:10,I Corinthians 12:7). Perhaps you sing, play an instrument, or fix things. Maybe you paint, quilt, or garden to the glory of God. Some people comfort babies, visit the sick, prepare a meal, or write notes of encouragement. Others pray. Everyone has something to contribute and at BG, we desire that people will serve the Lord by identifying and using their spiritual gifts for the glory of God.

Download and print a membership form (PDF)