Small Groups

The future of the church depends on whether it develops true community. – Larry Crabb

Vision – To be the primary place of connecting, equipping and supporting members and attendees of Bethel Grove Bible Church. BG small groups strive to have the following focus areas:

  1. Bible Study – intentionally focused study of Scripture or biblical doctrine
  2. Prayer – each group will commit to praying for one another’s needs, for the church, their neighborhood, and Tompkins County
  3. Evangelism – each household commits to pray and share the gospel with at least one other household in their neighborhood
  4. Multiplication – commitment to launching new groups as the group grows (each group will have both a leader and leader in training)
  5. Missions – support through finances, prayer and going either a missions project or BG missionary
  6. Local outreach – each group finds an area of need in their neighborhood and seeks to meet that need (school, community center, needy people group)

Interested in learning more about small groups at Bethel Grove?

Contact Pastor Santosh: or 277-3333.

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