Each January, Bethel Grove Bible Church prepares receipts for all single donations of $250 or more that were made during the previous calendar year.

 This year, you can access your receipts online by logging into cmonewplatform.churchofficechms.com to view or print your statement.  If you have forgotten your password or have not set up an account please contact the church office for instructions (607-277-3333, bg@bg.org).

If you do not go online you may request a mailed copy by calling Jason Cuykendall, BG’s assistant treasurer, at 607-838-3645.

Please wait until January 13th for ample time that all donations have been posted to your account.  For joint accounts – contributions were recorded under the first name that appears on the check.

 Summaries of donations via our Envelope system and EFT system should be included in the CMO receipt this year, instead of being mailed in January.

You should go online and print your receipt in January, and have all receipts in hand before filing your tax return, if contributions are deducted.  (The receipt needs to be dated by 1/31/18, and it is date-stamped by the system on the day it’s printed)


Bethel Grove Treasurer – Beth Thorp, treasurer@bg.org

Bethel Grove Assistant Treasurer – Jason Cuykendall, jason@redbarns.net