January Mini-Adult Education Class

Vanishing Grace?  Is the Gospel Still Good News?

Join  Jeff Ives and Pastor Santosh Ninan as they present three sessions that address the changing view of Christians in our society and how Christians can respond to some of the pressing issues of our time.

Jeff will present two sessions working from the book “Vanishing Grace” by Phillip Yancey. This material will examine the context of hostility in which Christians are called to live out their faith in our culture today. How do we respond with the gospel message in a way that is winsome and attractive to non-believers?

Santosh will speak at the final class titled “What is the gospel for the LGBTQ+ community?” In this class Santosh will share concerning 20 years of his friendships and relationships with gay and lesbian men and women – some Christian and some not, his recent involvement in a dialogue with gay Christians in Nashville and some of the most recent Christian scholarship on homosexuality.