Living as World Changers

Our Summer Sermon Series is entitled — Living as World Changers. It sounds somewhat ominous and even a bit staggering as we consider what is involved in seeing change occur at this level.  However, for this summer, let’s define “World” in our title not as referring to the earth and all 74 billion people inhabiting it.  Rather, let’s define it as that subset of the earth’s population in which you live, have influence, are influenced, and experience community.  This is what I refer to as your corner of the world:  where your life takes place.  Perhaps this redefinition does little to assuage those ominous feelings that arise when you consider bringing change into your world.  However, this is exactly what we are called by God to do.

Each Sunday we will examine a text from Romans 12-15 to better understand how we are called to live in and interact with the world where God has placed us.  As we live out the Gospel in the midst of our corner of the world, lives will be changed — thus, the series title.  As we’ve closed out our BELIEVE Series, we have been considering the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23.  What I hope to do over the summer is discover practical ways we can offer these fruit to a parched and searching world.                                                                           ~Pastor Eric Hause