Sunday, November 26
9:30am Fellowship Time
10:00am Worship Service
No Bus Service (e-mail if transportation is needed)

Cornell University Students: Airline Limousine Bus Service for Cornell & Collegetown areas.
Regular Bus Runs when services are at 9:00am and 11:00am:

1st Service (9:00am)                                                2nd Service (11:00am)
8:14                        Hasbrouck Community Center                        10:05
8:15                        Robert Purcell Union                                       10:09
(Main entrance circle facing Jessup Road)
8:19                       Risley Bus Stop                                                 10:15
8:23                       West Campus – Baker Flag Pole                       10:10
8:30                       Collegetown- Performing Arts Building           10:15
8:32                       Maplewood Apartments Community Center   10:20
8:40                       Arrive at Bethel Grove                                      10:30
10:45                       Leaves Bethel Grove                                       12:40
10:50                       Maplewood Apartments Community Center 12:43
10:55                       Collegetown- Performing Arts Building         12:48
10:59                       West Campus – Baker Flag Pole                     12:52
11:03                       Risley Bus Stop                                               12:56
11:07                       Robert Purcell Union                                        1:00
(Main entrance circle facing Jessup Road)
11:08                       Hasbrouck Community Center                         1:05


Ithaca College Students: Bethel Grove Van Transport 2nd Service (11:00am)

Ithaca College @ Textor Hall Circle                10:30am
RETURN TRIP Leaves Bethel Grove                 12:40pm

Students that want to attend the 9:00am service should phone the church office to make alternative arrangements (Mon-Wed 8:00am-4:00pm).