Faculty and Staff Contacts

The following people serve in various faculty and staff positions. They are part of the Bethel Grove community and invite you to connect with them on or off campus.

Ithaca College

Peyi Soyinka-Airewele, 607 274 3508
Politics: Professor and Department Chair

John Barr 274-3579 barr@ithaca.edu
Computer Science: Professor

Jeff Ives 274-1751 jives@ithaca.edu
Exercise & Sports Science: Professor and Grad Program Chair

Keith Kaiser 274-1938 kaiser@ithaca.edu
Music Education: Professor

Yuko Mulugetta 274-3877 or 274-1555 ymulugetta@ithaca.edu Office of Analytics & Institutional Research: Chief Analytics officer

Greg Shelley 274-1275 gshelley@ithaca.edu
Exercise and Sport Sciences: Associate Professor

Cornell University

Richard Baer 257-4259 rab12@cornell.edu
Natural Resources: Professor of
Environmental Ethics (Emeritus)

Don Burgett 272-5327 dcb7@cornell.edu
CALS: Director of Student Services (Retired)

Jonathan Butcher 255-3575 jtb47@cornell.edu
Biomedical Engineering: Associate Professor

Charlie Cramton 592-6534 cdc7@cornell.edu
Law School: Asst. Dean Graduate Legal Studies
Cornell (Retired)

Scott D. Emr 255-0816 sde26@cornell.edu
Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology:
Professor and Director

Erik Eshelman 255-6616 epe8@cornell.edu
Infrastructure Properties & Planning:
Director of Facilities Engineering

Robert Fay 255-3636 rcf4@cornell.edu
Chemistry and Chemical Biology:
Professor (Emeritus)

Paul Fisher 255-5471 psf1@cornell.edu
Undergraduate Admissions & Study Abroad

Yrjo T. Grohn 253-4394 ytg1@cornell.edu
Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences:
James Law Professor of Epidemiology

Donna Hornibrook 255-5520
djh57@cornell.edu Field Hockey: Head Coach

Dwight Hornibrook 607-592-4972
dh269@cornell.edu Athletics: Head Coach,
Cornell Women’s Soccer

Thomas K. Howley 229-5300
tkh1@cornell.edu Athletics: Assoc. Athletic Dir.
for Athlete Performance (FCA Staff Rep)

Ned B. La Celle 255-8669
CIT: IT Cloud DevOps Eng. IV

Steve Lantz 254-8887 steve.lantz@cornell.edu
Center for Advanced Computing:
Sr. Research Associate

Naomi Larson 255-0701 nn17@cornell.edu
Asian Studies: Senior Lecturer
Alan Pauling 279-9916 akp3@cornell.edu
Engineering: Mechanical Engineer @ Cornell
particle accelerator

Kristin Ramsay 255-4116 kmr44@cornell.edu
The Cornell Commitment & Office of the Vice
Provost for International Affairs: Associate Director

John Sanderson 255-5419 jps3@cornell.edu
Entomology: Associate Professor

Fred Scott 539-6291 fws2@cornell.edu
Vet Medicine: Professor (Emeritus)

Jim Stouffer 257-0632 wandajim1@verizon.net
Animal Science: Professor (Emeritus)