Adult Education

Take advantage of “seeking wisdom” this winter through adult educational offerings.

9:00am Sharing Your Faith Today – Ministry Center (brown bldg., upstairs Living/Dining Rm)
January 28 – February 25
Teacher: Santosh Ninan
Most Christians know they are supposed to share their faith with others, but are paralyzed by fear or insecurity. This class will be a combination of lecture, discussion and personal study. Topics covered will include defining evangelism, understanding the gospel, the role of the Holy Spirit and understanding the challenges of witnessing in 2018 in Ithaca.

NOTE: Steve Lantz will be teaching a class on Jesus after this class ends – March 4. More information will come as that date draws closer.

9:00am 21st Century Missions
Begins Mid-February
This class is a prerequisite for receiving support from Bethel Grove for short term missions and is still being organized. The official start date will likely be mid February – more information to come.

“Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” involves going, proclaiming the Gospel in contextually appropriate and culturally sensitive ways, and equipping new believers to live as disciples of Jesus. Come and learn how you can be a part of what God is doing in the world today.

11:00am Philippians – Ministry Center (brown bldg., upstairs Living/Dining Rm)
Begins January 28
Teacher: Mrugendra Mehta
Philippians, is described as the Epistle of Joy. Apostle Paul, the author of this book, was blessed with profound joy in Christ. This relatively short practical letter pursues Christlikeness as the most defining element of spiritual growth. The name of the Lord Jesus Christ is mentioned 35 times in this book.

Paul wrote this book to thank the Philippian Church for their help to him in kind and cash during the times of hardship in Paul’s life (1:5; 4;10-19). Paul also used this opportunity to share with them about his mission work and his companions Timothy and Epaphroditus (1:12-26; 2:19-30; 4:10-19). It emphasizes vigorous type of Christian living: (1) self-humbling (2:1-4); (2) pressing toward the goal (3:13-14); (3) lack of anxiety (4:6); (4) ability to face real hardship and to do all things (4:13); and (5) unity (4:2-5). Paul encourages the Philippians to stand firm in the face of persecution and rejoice regardless of the circumstances (1:27-30; 4:4).

This book contains one of the most profound Christological passages in the NT (2:5-11).  We will also study the 16th chapter of the Book of Acts in which Luke describes Paul’s ministry to people in the city of Philippi.

Resources for Philippians Class:
1. NIV Study Bible.

2. J B Philips
“New Testament in Modern English.”

3. Dr. John MacArthur’s
“Bible Commentary” and “Messages.”

4. “Commentary on the Book of
Philippians” by J. Vernon Magee.