Youth Pastor Search


Bethel Grove Bible Church is a vibrant, dynamic, growing church nestled in beautiful Ithaca, New York and the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. 450 adults and 80 children regularly attend Sunday services. BG is committed to reaching the world through the many missionaries that are supported. A growing emphasis is in the area of local outreach and evangelism. We have the largest children’s ministry and youth group in the area. College students from both Cornell University and Ithaca College are an important part of our vision and also attend on Sundays.

Our church is committed to the historic, orthodox Christian gospel and is committed to sharing this message to as many people as possible. We have two Sunday services, one traditional and one contemporary.

baptismBethel Grove is seeking a youth pastor who can continue the tradition of ministry excellence in that particular ministry. Our youth group currently draws between 50-75 students from middle school through 12th Grade with 10-15 volunteer leaders. Students attend from families in the church, other churches and unchurched families as well. This is one of our most vital ministries as we seek to impact, nurture and develop the emerging generation of leaders. Our area of contact includes five school districts and many homeschool students, resulting in a potential of thousands of students needing to come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.


bg-pastorBethel Grove Bible Church began holding Sunday services in 1965. The church began meetings in a local community center and then land was purchased and a church building was built. Over a number of years the building was expanded and more property was purchased to accommodate growth and resource new ministries.

The church has maintained several distinctives over the years including:

  • Solid biblical expository preaching
  • Global missions
  • Campus engagement at both Cornell and Ithaca College
  • Family Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Small Groups

bg-kidsWe have enjoyed lengthy tenures of pastors over our history, but have had some recent transitions. Our former lead pastor stepped down from ministry after 10 years to focus on pastoral training in Africa. This led to a lead pastor search resulting in our former youth pastor stepping into the role. The pastoral staff currently consists of a lead pastor and an associate pastor.

BG has enjoyed a healthy history as a regional center for Christian growth. Ithaca being a college town means that hundreds of BG alumni now work in a diverse number of fields all over the world.

Our future trajectory includes building on our strengths but also developing areas of ministry that have been lying dormant. Local outreach is one key area we hope to develop in the coming years. A youth pastor with a commitment to outreach can play a critical role in this venture.

The church has an annual budget of $600,000 with 22% of that going to global missions outreach.


waterfallsIthaca consistently figures in top 10 lists of places to live in America. A beautiful college town, it has a charming small town feel. But, with Cornell University, many of the amenities of a big city are available. The Finger Lakes region is a beautiful part of New York State, home to many wineries, lakes and hiking and camping areas.

Ithaca is home to 30,000 residents. The surrounding county is over 100,000. Cornell University welcomes 21,000 students every academic year while Ithaca College has 6,700 students enrolled.


kids2The church has enjoyed steady growth of its youth program under the former youth pastor, Eric Hause (now, the lead pastor). With an emphasis on solid teaching, fun and fellowship, the youth group has had an impact on thousands of students.

We are seeking a leader who can continue this tradition of excellence, while also adding their own unique innovations.


Youth Pastor (Assistant Pastor or Associate Pastor commensurate with education and experience)

We are looking for a Youth Pastor who desires to have an impact for Jesus Christ on students’ lives. This is a full time Pastoral position to start immediately.


The Youth pastor will fulfill the qualifications of a pastor (including equivalent biblical offices) described in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. We seek a man who:

  • has a heart for God and has a Christ-like character of grace and love in alignment with the elder qualifications in scripture.
  • has a fervent prayer and devotional life with a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of scripture, its historical and cultural context, and its application to youth today.
  • possesses a grasp of apologetics and its application in real world conversations.
  • if married, has a healthy marriage and family life.
  • is highly relational and possesses organizational skills.
  • is a self-starter who actively seeks out service and relationship opportunities.
  • is skilled in teaching and communicating, willing to creatively use different mediums to influence the culture with truth.
  • has a willingness to be a team player and to develop both youth and adult leadership.
  • demonstrates commitment and skill in one-to-one relational discipleship.
  • possesses qualities catalytic to teen ministry; for example, has a sense of humor, technically savvy and energetic.


  • Provide vision and direction to the Youth Ministry Program in alignment with the current vision and culture of the church.
  • Plan, organize, and lead weekly youth group meetings for middle school and high school students.
  • Plan, organize, and lead a summer mission trip/event for youth.
  • Promote an environment where people from ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds are welcomed.
  • Promote an environment where students feel connected to each other as a church family; where each student is valued, celebrated and encouraged to contribute to the life of the church.
  • Provide one-on-one mentoring, discipleship, and counseling for students.
  • Provide a weekly Bible Study meeting for High School students.
  • Provide opportunities throughout the year for students to serve the church and the community.
  • Develop and host outreach activities for students to bring friends.
  • Assist graduating students as they prepare for life after high school.
  • Oversee the Student Sunday School program; in both theological content and its presentation; teaching where appropriate.
  • Recruit, train and encourage adult/college student volunteer staff.
  • Lead staff efforts to maintain the youth ministry website and Facebook page; providing weekly communication of youth events/activities. Engage students using social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Set and administrate the youth ministry budget.
  • Provide occasional connection points/meetings for parents of students including family youth events.
  • Meet weekly with pastoral and office staff to discuss the greater ministry/vision of the church.
  • Preach to congregation 2 – 3 times per year.


  • Minimum education and experience: Bachelor’s Degree in a biblical field from an accredited institution and 4 years of consecutive experience directing or leading a youth ministry program in a church setting.


  • Preferred education and experience: M.Div. or M.A. in a biblical field from an accredited institution and 8 years of experience directing or leading a youth ministry program in a church setting. Preaching experience in a church setting.


Please complete the Youth Pastor Questionnaire and send a cover letter, resume, a link to your youth group website or Facebook page, and an audio or video teaching (if available) to