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Bethel Grove hosts one of the largest, most vibrant youth groups in the Ithaca area. Our youth group seeks to meet high schoolers and middle schoolers where they are and spur them on to

love God with their heart;                                               

homepageenjoy God in their soul;

know God with their mind;

and glorify God with their bodies.

Deuteronomy 6:5 / Mark 12:30

It is open to believers and non-believers alike, and serves the youth in BG as well as youth from other area churches.

Wherever you are spiritually, we invite you to come and meet some new friends and have a fun doing it. Perhaps you know very little about this religion thing and have lots of questions. Maybe you have grown up in the church and are ready to take your walk with God to the next level. Regardless, we have some events, meetings, and activities where you can develop friendships and your faith. I look forward to seeing you at one of the regular meetings mentioned below or at one of the special events listed on  the  calendar page.


Sunday Morning Discussion

(9:00 am-10:15am)

This gives you an opportunity to learn about God through study and to ask those questions that have left you confused or puzzled. It is also a time to get to know some new friends who come from all around the greater Ithaca area. This year we are going through the Believe Series along with the rest of our church.  The MS and HS students are using the student version.  See:  http://www.familychristian.com/believe  for more information.  You are welcome to join anytime.


Youth Group

(Sunday nights Middle School 4:00 pm-6:00 pm; high school 5:00 pm-7:00 pm)

Middle School and High School students meet separately where we talk about subjects current and relevant to the life of a teenager. In our combined hour we play games to get to know one another, we have worship, we pray for one another. We participate in ministry groups to use our gifts to serve each other and our greater community. All of this takes place in the very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the youth room!  Check out the  calendar for meeting times)


In addition to these meetings, we do all kinds of  events and activities.  Things like bonfires, bowling, sledding, mini-golf, Super Bowl parties, serving projects and scavenger hunts- are just some of the fun events where you can have fun, meet new people, and invite your friends to come along. Check out the calendar page for more details on upcoming events. 


If you want to know more about Bethel Grove Bible Church and what we are about, please see the church website.  Bethel Grove Website

I want to invite you to consider joining us in this walk of faith and discover the role God has planned for you in His Kingdom!


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